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  • New stories about Canada! It's been a while now, but I am happy to present the remaining stories about Canada that were missing for a long time. Read all about the Canadian Rockies, Calgary, my approach with the French Canadian in Quebec and check out several new photo galleries
  • Schloss Neuschwanstein One of the most famous castles in the world is "Schloß Neuschwanstein". It's in the very south of Germany in Bavaria, just a few kilometers away from Tyrol Austria. It's remarkable appearance inspired Walt Disney when he designed the Walt Disney castle.
  • China Insights My first trip to Asia led me to China. I went there with my friend Iwona for 16 adventurous days. We flew over 6000km within this huge country and over 30.000km in total! We saw the cities of Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guilin, Yangshuo, Hong Kong and Macau and many beautiful places such as the Great Wall or the valley next to the Li-river.
  • Design 2011 is online It's been a while now, but finally I have it online, the new design: After four years I am happy to present you the new design! Hope you like the new style as much as I do :-)
  • Cuba An island full of myths, preconceptions and depression. One of the last countries that can call itself really communistic. Health and education systems are good in the country where Che Guevara is still a national hero, but this country is to suffer a lot. No real jobs, bad food and rundown houses and services...
  • Victoria Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia with a population of about 80.000 people. It's much smaller than Vancouver city, but also somehow charming and relaxed. To get there, I took the bus and the ferry to Vancouver island from Vancouver city. I had a good impression of this lovly city, but to be honest, for "summer", it was very cold. You might discover this matter of fact on some of my pictures :-)
  • Quebec City One of the oldest cities in North America is Quebec city. It was the last but definitely not the least city on my trip through Canada. The city is the only city in North America with an intact old town and stronghold. I've couchsurfed My-Linn and celebrated the 400th years anniversary.
  • Trois Rivieres I had a brief stop over in the city of Trois Rivieres. The reason why I went there was to visit one of my former Couchsurfing guest that I've hosted in Vienna: Katlyn from Quebec. My plan was to visit her sister later in Quebec city and luckily Trois Rivieres was on the way.
  • Ottawa Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. The city is shared by the provinces of Quebec and Ontario and is English and French speaking. I managed to get there by the first of July to celebrate Canada day together with my CouchSurfing host Deanna and her friends.
  • Calgary Calgary is the capital city of Canadian province Alberta. I spent there only a couple of hours, so I had only a brief visit in this city. Even though I had the possibility to meet a local. Annie drove by with her bicycle when I asked for some directions. She showed me around in the city center and invited me for dinner.
  • Rocky Mountains & National Parks I booked a tour starting from Vancouver. To goal was to see most of the great national parks of Canada such as Banff or Jasper national park. It was definitely a great tour. The trip lasted a couple of days. It was pure nature as its best. We had to wash in cold rivers and sleep outside. No electricity, no mobile phones - simply true nature!
  • Canada: A Mari Usque Ad Mare From the middle of June until the 7th of July I spent a cool time in one of the biggest countries on earth: Canada. A country full of undisturbed nature, nice and helpful people and big cities. With only 33 million people living there for a country of the size of almost 10.000.000 km2, you can easily explore wildlife. I met so many cool people, discovered so many new things, I experienced adventures - Overall: It was awesome!
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