South America Trip - Detail Part 1

It's now been almost a week since I am travelling in South America. Together with Viviana I am currently in La Paz, Bolivia - one of the higest cities in the world - But one after the other... See inside article for more details :) [Pictures will follow soon]

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Sao Paulo, Brasil

My first contact with South America started in Sao Paulo, a city full of life. Escaping the winter in Vienna, a totally "crashed" into a sub-tropical rain/summer season, having up to 36°C.

The night is rolling in

I had wonderful CouchSurfing hosts: Dayane and Fabio, and I have enjoyed my stay there a lot. I could get some interessting insights as I was staying with locals. Although everyone says that Sao Paulo is very dangerous, I didn't have any problems (which of course doesn't mean that there are not dangeraous areas!)

Me in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is one of the biggest cities of the world and you definetly can see that. Staying there for only two days, I did my best to get the "big picture" but of course doing that within 48 hours, I propapbly have 1% :-D

I shared a good time especially with Fabio who was really a great host and did his best to make my stay in Sao Paulo great, so I was kind of sad somehow to leave so early.

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Woman selling apples, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

My next destination was Santa Cruz in Bolivia where Viviana and her parents were waiting already for me at the airport. Unfortunatelly they had to wait two hours longer as some "smart" passengers delayed the flight. But seeing Vivi again was of course worth-waiting :)

city center, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Vivi and her parents showed me their life here in Santa Cruz, which is btw. the most important city in Bolivia by economical point of view. Vivi and I spend a good time seeing the city, such as the main square and it's livelily scenery. We also went to the seven street market, where you'll find every day need goods, such as food or clothings, make-up, electronics et cetera.

Being a little bit tired from the trip, it was a good idea to go to Güembe, which is about half an hour away from Santa Cruz. A nice relaxing ressort with pools and exhibitions.

Togehter with Vivi's parents, we went to see their second house on country-side where her parents started a small fish-farm. It's pretty much hot and humid there, so imagine how many mosquitos that accompany you...

We've been also to a town called Bueno Vista - as you might can tell even with a small knowledge in Spanish, that the view is nice :-) Vivi used to work there for almost five years.

Full of nature, Bolivia

In those days I tried lots of different kind of local food such as Majadito, Sonso, Tamal, Cunape, Salpicon, Salchipapas and Saltenas which tasted actually very good. For those who know me quite well, know that I am a picky person and I didn't have to refuse any of those :)

La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz at night, Bolivia

Sixteen hours of driving by an overnight bus Vivi and I reached La Paz. The city is one of the hightest in the world - It's more than 3.500 meters above sea level. As you can expect that being on such an alttitude the air is very thin. Which means walking five stairs up, will let your breath very strong for five or more minutes :-D

La Paz is a very interessting city also from a tourist point of view as there are many sights such as the parliament, the president seat, the San Francisco church, calle Sagarnaga where you can see a lot of handicraft stuff made by the indigeneous people.

Today I also tried the first time to chew some coca leaves, which I have to confess didn't taste so well :-D

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