Canada: A Mari Usque Ad Mare

From the middle of June until the 7th of July I spent a cool time in one of the biggest countries on earth: Canada. A country full of undisturbed nature, nice and helpful people and big cities. With only 33 million people living there for a country of the size of almost 10.000.000 km2, you can easily explore wildlife. I met so many cool people, discovered so many new things, I experienced adventures - Overall: It was awesome!

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Canada in general

Peyto Lake, Canada

After Russia, Canada is the second largest country on earth. I have been there almost by "coincidence", because I found a cheap flight from Vienna to Montreal and thought: "Why not?". So I gave it a try and it was so cool and impressive. I always had good weather (luckily) and I never had a bad experience!

Because of the size of the country and stories I have to tell, I had to split up my article to many subarticles. I elected some shoots I took out of 2.500, check out the gallery list

I always met helpful people and as I did couchsurfing too, I met a bunch of new people and made friends, so this is an article about the people I met: "Canadian Friendship"

Canada in-depth

Check out all my articles in detail about the places I've visited:

My route & Provinces and territories in Canada

As I was not able to rent a car (because I forgot my driving license at home), I was travelling by bus, plane or ship through the following provinces

  • Alberta Alberta (AB)
  • British Columbia British Columbia (BC)
  • Ontario Ontario (ON)
  • Québec Québec (QC)


Canada Trip 2008

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