Quebec City

One of the oldest cities in North America is Quebec city. It was the last but definitely not the least city on my trip through Canada. The city is the only city in North America with an intact old town and stronghold. I've couchsurfed My-Linn and celebrated the 400th years anniversary.

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About the city

Entering to old town of Quebec-City

Quebec city is in fact one of oldest North-American cities. It was founded in the year 1608. When I visited it back in 2008 they were celebrating, you can guess it, their 400th years anniversary. So you can say it's still a pritty young town compared to European cities of course, but still you can easily realize that this city is different to all the other cities you'll find in North America: It looks pretty much like a Eurpean city in the center and not at all American. There are no grid-aligned streets there are no numbers for streets, streets do have names.

The Château Laurier hotel - side view

The Château Laurier is for sure one of the most impressive hotels you'll find in Canada. It's located on top of a hill and can be seen from nearly everywhere from the old part of Quebec city.

Château Laurier - front view

Château Laurier - At Night

Me teasing the guards

The stronghold was guarded by soldiers, most likely annoyed by tourits like me.

An old Chevrolet cabriolet

I tried to google about this kind of car, but I couldn't find out which Chevorlet that is. If anyone knows, please contact me :-)

Pouvez-vous parler français?

Quebec city is the captical city of the only French speaking province in Canada. Like in France, there are several people who expect you to speak French even as a tourist. Which might be a bit difficult I've you simply can't. Why is it like that? Even if there are more German speaking people (90 million)  than there are French (68 million), no one expects from tourits to speak German in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Well anyways, with a little help, I managed it and so you will :) 

Can you find the Canadian flag? 

Very Canadian: Tim Hortons products translated into French


My-Linh was a Canadian Couchsurfer I've hosted right before I went to Canada by myself. I was happy to meet her again right after in Quebec city and her sister in Trois Rivires. I am very grateful that she has taken time for me, although Lisa had a lot to study for the university - Thank you again :-)

My-Linh and me


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