Rocky Mountains & National Parks

I booked a tour starting from Vancouver. To goal was to see most of the great national parks of Canada such as Banff or Jasper national park. It was definitely a great tour. The trip lasted a couple of days. It was pure nature as its best. We had to wash in cold rivers and sleep outside. No electricity, no mobile phones - simply true nature!

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I booked the "Coho" tour at - It was a four day long trip starting from Vancouver heading east torwards the rockies. I highly recommend to book a tour from one of the tour operators there, it's definetly worth the money.

The group I was driving with

We drove endless roads and saw the most amazing places!

Daisyflowers in ths sun

Not to mention all the lakes with their various colors!

Breathtaking scenery

Clear blue water

The more east we got, the higher the mountains became

Amazing views

Besides Banff and Jasper National park, I had to chance to see also the Glacier National Park

I guess in winter you can have completly different expierence

We had a stop over at Lake Louise. It was simply great!

Lake Louise

You could notice that Canada hired a lot of people from west Austria and Switzerland

West-Austrian style house in Canada

Me at the famous Banff Springs hotel

After this tour I got off the bus in Calgory

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