Chicago - Home of the Skyscraper

Four red stars and two blue strips. This is what you can find on the flag of Chicago. Those represent four big events such as the big fire in 1871 in Chicago and the Lake Michigan and Chicago river. For me Chicago is my favorite American city I have seen so far. Walking around in Chicago's downtown surrounded by massive skyscrapers where they were invented was great. Chicago is a must see in the US!

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About the city

I went to the biggest City in the Midwest of the United States in Fall on a rainy, chilly day.

I took the subway to the city center, to the "inner loop" of Chicago.

It's always important to make sure, in which country you are...

Theatre district of Chicago.

Chicago river and skyscraper

Cars and inhabitants sharing a house.

John Hancock Center – a 100-story skyscraper in Chicago. The main feature of the skyscraper is its hollow design, reminiscent of a large rectangular column

Yep, once again, do not forget, we are in the U.S. here.

The untouchable tours!

Golden trees in the park

The "Cloud Gate" - In Chicago also known as the bean.

A close-up.

Outdoor concert 

Wrigleys tower in Chicago - Seat of Wrigley's chewing gum

Coast of lake Michigan

Streets of Chicago at night.

Living in Chicago

I guess living in Chicago in Winter can be taff due the weather conditions, but during my stay I really liked to walk around in downtown

Waiting for the subway

Stop on red light!

Highway junction! 

One of my most favorite pizza's: Chicago's deep dish pizza.

Bud light supplies...

Orange juice and Reese's - Mmmmh delicious!

In case of an emergency, take the stairs!

Crime scene in Chicago - People say that you should avoid the south of Chicago, when streets start to don't have names anymore.

An approach to environment friendly transportation.

Chicago police car

Ambulance car.


Most fascinating in Chicago for me were skyscrapers. Regarding to history, Chicago was the first city with skyscrapers, even before New York.

The Trump Tower in Chicago

I.B.M. tower in Chicago

Willis Tower, known before as Sears Tower. 

The height of the Willis Tower is 443 meters, and 110 floors the highest building in the United States.

Amazing view from the tower

Want to go outside?

John Hancock Center from to bottom

Skyline of Chicago from John Hancock Center.


Nick, my host in Chicago - A good one :) He also liked to go running and so we did run together next to lake Michigan.

Party with my Couchsurfing host.

Nick and John.

They say it is "best" beer you can find in the U.S. - for students :-D


For me Chicago is one of my most favorite cities in the United States. Frankly speaking, it's pretty difficult to say why. I guess one of the reasons is my fascination for skyscrapers. Chicagos contemporary life and it's culture, i.e. it's Jazz cutlure was most intriguing. Exploring the city center with one of the loop lines or simply hang out in the coffee houses was great. I definetly did like the atmosphere and the people I met there. If you have the chance to go there, do not hasitate to do so!


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