Japan Tour

Time passes by and it's been a year now, that I've been to Japan. Almost exactly a year later, one of the biggest earthquakes in Japans history ever hit the country, destroyed buildings and killed thousands of people and even caused a nuclear meltdown. It's sad to write this article under such circumstances, but I would like to share the great experiences I had, while travelling in this amazing country

Table of contents

Before I went to Japan, I bought a netbook to be able to write during my journey. It was the first time of travelling and being able to report "live" on site with a detailed article.

Here are the articles I wrote on the way

  • Day 4
    All about Tokyo and first impressions of Japan
  • Day 11
    Visiting Kyoto, Hiroshima and it's sad history, Himeji castle, Osaka, Nara
  • Day 12
    My incredible trip to mount Fuji, having a bath in an Onsen and walking around in Kawaguchiko
  • Day 16
    Tokyo again in cherry blossom, fish market Tsukiji, seeing the three monkies in Nara and Yokohama

Here you'll find pictures from my trip

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