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  • Singapur Chinesen, Inder, Malaysier und Europäer teilen sich das tropische Singapur welches Stadt und Land zugleich ist. Einheit durch Vielfalt ist eines der vielen Prädikate. Unabhängig vom Vereinigten Königreich ist die Stadt seit 1965. Seitdem folgte ein großer Wandel. Nannten die Briten Singapur noch abwertend "Sin galore", gehört die Stadt nun zu den sichersten der Welt. Drakonische Gesetzesgebung inklusive Todesstrafe tragen unrühmlich zur Sauberkeit und öffentlicher Ruhe bei.
  • China Insights My first trip to Asia led me to China. I went there with my friend Iwona for 16 adventurous days. We flew over 6000km within this huge country and over 30.000km in total! We saw the cities of Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guilin, Yangshuo, Hong Kong and Macau and many beautiful places such as the Great Wall or the valley next to the Li-river.
  • Japan Tour Time passes by and it's been a year now, that I've been to Japan. Almost exactly a year later, one of the biggest earthquakes in Japans history ever hit the country, destroyed buildings and killed thousands of people and even caused a nuclear meltdown. It's sad to write this article under such circumstances, but I would like to share the great experiences I had, while travelling in this amazing country
  • Japan - Day 16 The last four days in Japan I used to see some more sights in Tokyo, going to Nikko and Yokohama and meet with local couchsurfers in Tokyo to celebrate the cherry blossom and experience the night life of Tokyo.
  • Japan - Day 12 Although there is only one day in between from my last posting, a lot of stuff happend and I had time to write it down. I was at mount Fuji which was totally awesome! Afterwards I had a bath in an Onsen. Hit by the article for details
  • Japan - Day 11 Right now I am riding the Shinkansen (Japanese high speed bullet train with 270km/h average (!!) speed) from Kyoto to Mishima on my way to mount Fuji. I spent the last couple of days in Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and Nara. I did a lot the last few days and I am a bit tiered now, looking forward for a relaxing hike tomorrow. See details for the whole article.
  • Japan - Day 4 This is a short brief article from my first three days in Tokyo and what I did so far. Currently I am sitting in the Shingansen to Kyoto. Click on the article to find out more!
  • Hong Kong and Macau My trip is almost over :-( It is great over here in Asia. Tomorrow I am planning to go to Macau. After that, there is a long way back home: Back to Hong Kong, back to Beijing, back to Paris, back to Vienna... So far, from Hong Kong, Dominik
  • Greetins from Hong Kong After a boat trip on Lu river and an amazing bike trip in Yangshuo, we finally arrived in Hong Kong. So far everthing is fine. Hong Kong seems to be cool, but I've just seen the part from the airport to my couchsurfing host. From Hong Kong, Dominik
  • Istanbul, Turkey - Part 1 of 2 Napoléon Bonaparte once said: "If the whole world was a state, Istanbul would be the capital of it". Well he actually used Constantinople istead of Istanbul :-) So I actually had to visit the capitol of the world and I really liked it! I took about 900 pictures, but don't worry, I already selected the best ones. I couchsurfed again and I had a very nice hostess: Esra. She made my stay even better. This ist part 1 of 2 pages.
  • Nik's tour: An Austrian Announces This is my frequently updated blog entry in which I report about my journies all over the world. You can also access this article directly by entering the URL or hitting the "nik's tour" button in the "Aktionen" area. At the moment, I just assembled a list of places I have already been to, so check this article out more often for updates ;-)
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