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  • Japan Tour Time passes by and it's been a year now, that I've been to Japan. Almost exactly a year later, one of the biggest earthquakes in Japans history ever hit the country, destroyed buildings and killed thousands of people and even caused a nuclear meltdown. It's sad to write this article under such circumstances, but I would like to share the great experiences I had, while travelling in this amazing country
  • Things you can do with German... The German song is famous for many things such as long words. Well in fact the words arn't much longer than in other languages, but the syntax in German allows to combine words, such as the "Donaudampfschifffahrtskapitätnskajute". Other than that is a nice song called Rehgehegewegepflegeschrägesäge-Song...
  • Weblog spring-cleaning! After a long time of being very inactive on my blog (even through technical reasons), I am very happy to announce to have three new galleries from last year online, such as: Paris, Alicante and Tokyo! Links to the photoblog inside this article!
  • C# Disassembler A must to have for every software developer are so called disassemblers. They will help you out, when you've lost the source code of a DLL or you need to analyze a bug, or verify the right version of an assembly. I had to update this article in 2011 to find a new free disassembler and was lucky to find a good alternative.
  • Undercover is "much more better"... Ernst Strasser, former Federal Minister of the Interior for the ÖVP and a former Member of the European Parliament has been convicted by the Sun Day Times for corruption in a way that it is really shameful. It is amazing on the other hand, to know how much he didn't care. Simply see the video of SundayTimes on YouTube (Links Inside) - Nothing more to add.
  • South America Trip - Detail Part 2 Right now, as I am writing this, I am sitting on the airplane somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean back home to Europe. A long trip is over and after almost five weeks of traveling, I have seen a lot and opened my horizon even more. It is the second part of my detailed story and short resume of my trip in South America.
  • Back in the City of God Just came back from a two day trip to Búzios. I am back in Rio de Janerio - the City of God, Copacabana staying at Vivis cousine. I have a looooot of stories to tell, but at the moment to less time to write. So far a short notice, from the City of God, Brazil - Dominik
  • Carneval in Rio de Janeiro Right now I am in Rio de Janeiro, the center of Carneval :-) There's a lot of party going on here and I am about to explore the city more! Before coming here, I've seen Salar de Uyuni which was amazing and the city of Sucre and Potosi (the highest city in the world). So far, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Dominik
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