Weblog spring-cleaning!

After a long time of being very inactive on my blog (even through technical reasons), I am very happy to announce to have three new galleries from last year online, such as: Paris, Alicante and Tokyo! Links to the photoblog inside this article!

Table of contents

Here is a list of new galleries that I took in the year 2010:


Santa Clara, June 2010

Trinidad, June 2010

Cienfuegos, June 2010

Valle de Vinales, June 2010

Havana, June 2010

Matanzas, June 2010

Varadero, June 2010


Yokohama, March 2010

Nikko, March 2010

Nara, March 2010

Fuji, March 2010

Osaka, March 2010

Himeji, March 2010

Hiroshima, March 2010

Kyoto, March 2010

Tokyo, March 2010


Alicante, May 2010


Paris, January 2010

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