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  • Greetings from the Columbia Icefields! Hello everybody, greetings from Columbia Icefields. I am currently traveling in Jasper National Park. I write you from the Rocky Mountains. I have been to Banff and I am going to the city of Jasper in the evening. Tomorrow I will head on to Calgary and take the nightflight to Ottowa! So long, from the Columbia Icefields, Alaberta, Canada - Dominik
  • Greetings from Shuswap Lake, BC, Canada I am now in Shuswap Lake, in the middle of British Columbia. Again I don't have so much time, so I give you more details later on. So long, Dominik
  • Just two pictures from Canada The past days and even the upcoming ones, I don't have really time to write a lot in my blog, as you can imagine, even less time to share pictures. But here are two pictures of me: Showing me in Squamish on the Cost mountains, after climbing up a hough mountain and the second one, from the other side of the world, Tofino, on Canada's very west coast.
  • Greetings from Nanaimo On my way back to Victoria, I now stuck in Nanaimo (Vancouver Island). A long way to go... Anyway I do have now somehow a schedule: Friday from Vancouver to Calgary, visiting the Rocky Montains, Banff and Jasper National Park, afterwards Ottowa and back to Quebec. So long - check back in later!
  • Stucking in Tofino At the moment I sit in a pharmacy (with Internet access) in a very small town called Tofino. People recommeded me to go there, but without a car, you really stuck here. Anyway, the beach is very nice. Check back soon.
  • Greetings from Victoria! Today I arrived in Victoria Island, came here by boat, and I am at a friend of a couchsurfer I met in Vancouver. I am not sure what I am doing next, propably I head north to Tofino that's not sure. Afterwards I go back to Vancouver and might head east to the Rocky Montains, Calgory and Banff - No warranty given!
  • Festival & Hiking The past days I was on a festival with some friends I have here now. It was awesome!! We were on a music festival in Squamish, it was great!! Today I was hiking with a friend from the US and friends from Canada and France in the Coast-Rockies. It was so great to climb up the rocks and even in the Rockies! Afterwards we were swimming in a lake next to the Pacific Ocean! Check back in later...
  • Greetings from Vancouver! I am already in Vancouver - Westcoast of Canada, but I am in a hurry, so check back in soon for the latest update. By the way the time difference is already 9h! When its night in Europe, it is day over here and the other way round! But you will manage *ggg* So far, from British Columbia, Vancouver, Dominik
  • Greetings from the Niagara Falls! Hi folks. I am sitting currently in a library in Niagara Falls on the Canada/USA border. The falls are amazing, took many pictures by now. Tomorrow I will go to Vancouver I think, but I haven't booked the flight by now. I will go to Toronto back again and try to arrange it. So far, from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada - Dominik
  • Toronto Hi there, I am still alive, but I don't have Internet at my current host, so I don't have so much time. Anyway I already have been to CN Tower and visited the most famous sights over here. Tomorrow I am going to Niagara Falls and I think I will book a flight to Vancouver on Thursday. So far, check back for update soon!
  • Greetings from Toronto! I took the night bus from Montreal, Quebec to Toronto in Ontario. Today I already visited the most famous sight, the CN tower, of course I have pictures, but at the moment I sit in an Internet Cafe. In about 2,5 hours I will meet my host, thats 18.30 local time over here (0.30 in Austria). He lives in downtown, thats good :-) I don't have the jet lag anymore, that's good, but today I am tired because of the bus journey :-) From Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Dominik
  • Kino: The Happening Yesterday night, I went with my host to the movies in Montreal: The happening. I don't know if it's called the same way in German. The thriller was awesome, I like that kind of frighten movies! As was playing in the state of New York, it "happend" pretty close to where I am sitting write now, because the border to the US is just 60km away from here. My rating: 8 out of 10
  • Toronto here I come I have now a couch in Toronto. I will go now to the movies with my host here from Montreal and afterwards I will take the night bus to Toronto, so I will arrive there at 6.30 in the morning, that would be 12.30 in Austria. Anyway I need to hurry up. From Montreal, Quebec, Canada ... Dominik
  • No driving license!!! Pictures!! To be carefull, I took out everything I don`t need for my trip out of my wallet. Looks like I also did with my driving license, so I won`t be able to rent a car.... Anyway I hope I can do it all by public transport. Today I was hiking on Mount Royal and visited downtown of Montreal. Tomorrow night I will take the night bus to Toronto! From Canada, Quebec, Montreal - Dominik
  • Greetings from Montreal, Canada & Pictures! This time, I blog from far away. It is now 22.15 local time, in Austria it is now I think 4.15 in the morning, I am exhausted now. Took already many pictures, but I will go to bed now. I have uploaded some pictures. From Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Dominik
  • Hosting Canadians Diese Woche hatte ich das Glück, zwei liebe Kanadierinnen hosten zu können hier in Wien. Warum Glück? Ich nutzte gestern Abend die Gelegenheit eine Roadmap aufzusetzen: Montreal (Québec), Toronto (Ontario), Niragara Falls (Ontario), Chicago (USA) ???, Vancoover City (British Columbia), Victoria (British Columbia), Ottowa (Québec), Tras Rivers (Québec), Québec city (Québec). Bin schon sehr gespannt was mich dort alles erwarten wird!!!
  • Bright Brussels The past weekend, Iwona and me were Couchsurfing in Brussels. We were visiting all the famous sights like the Atomium in Belgiums capital city and the "Center of Europe's Power": EU Parliament and the Commission. UPDATE 11.06.2008: Hole story including Impression, Sights, Center Of Power, Conclution and of course pictures online!
  • Slowakisch Kurs & Gäste Am Montag gings das letzte Mal in diesem Semester in den Slowakisch Kurs! Haben ein wenig geübt und wiederholt. Danach habe ich meine Gäste aus Kanada empfangen, sie bleiben bis Donnerstag hier. Recht prakatisch finde ich, da ich ja selbst jetzt nach Kanada fliege :-)
  • Gruesse aus der EU Kommission in Bruessel Bin gerade in Bruessel in der EU Kommission; Sehr interessant hier. Die Tastatur ist ein wenig seltsam darum schreibe ich nun schoene Gruesse. Aus Belgien, Bruessel, Dominik
  • 100% Auslastung Derzeit laufe ich auf 100% Auslastung. Klar, mehr oder weniger bin ich natürlich selber daran schuld, aber Kanada rückt immer näher und ich muss noch so vieles davor erledigen, bevor ich mich von Europa verabschiede... Jetzt kann ich mit meinem Mobilfunknetzbetreiber auch noch rumstreiten, das ist so mühsam! Ich habe das Gefühl ich komme zu gar nichts! Den Internationalen Führerschein hab ich auch noch nicht und jetzt fliege "gleich" nach Brüssel. Naja ein wenig Auszeit von Arbeit & Alltag!
  • Dublin Dispatches As I retured home today from Dublin, I feel a bit exhausted. To be honest, I didn't expect to sleep so well in a 16 bed dormitory room: All of my roommates were very careful and silent - I just came home late :-) Anyway I already uploaded my pictures from Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. UPDATE: Story of Dublin completed, check it out now! :-)
  • Slowakisch Kurs & Couchsurfing Am Montagabend gings wieder in den Slowakisch Kurs. Haben den Komerativ gelernt, der ausnahmsweise gar nicht mal so schwer war. Danach war ich mit Andy B und Paul S auf einem Couchsurfing BBQ Treffen auf der Donauinsel. Heute Dienstag gings nach der Arbeit aufs Konzert für Europa, welches wie jedes Jahr bei Regen statt fand leider, aber auch hier haben wir uns mit Couchsurfern getroffen :-)
  • Lernen, Quizzen, Treffen und Reisen Diesmal nur kurz: Montag Slowakisch Kurs - Hier haben wir den Imperativ geübt. Beim Quizabend (19 von 20 Fragen richtig!) haben wir weitere Amerikaner an Board gehabt und auch Paul. Habe mich mit einer Freundin im ersten Bezirk am Badeschiff getroffen und am Mittwoch gabs einen Betriebsausflug mit der MS Stadt Wien nach Tulln - Fotos folgen
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