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  • Japan - Day 12 Although there is only one day in between from my last posting, a lot of stuff happend and I had time to write it down. I was at mount Fuji which was totally awesome! Afterwards I had a bath in an Onsen. Hit by the article for details
  • Japan - Day 11 Right now I am riding the Shinkansen (Japanese high speed bullet train with 270km/h average (!!) speed) from Kyoto to Mishima on my way to mount Fuji. I spent the last couple of days in Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and Nara. I did a lot the last few days and I am a bit tiered now, looking forward for a relaxing hike tomorrow. See details for the whole article.
  • Hiroshima Not far from here where I am currently writing this blog, just a few meters away, the United States dropped an atomic bomb over Hirishima in August the 6th, 1945 at 8:15am. 200.000 people died within a second. I walked around in the area this night and will go there again tomorrow afternoon... From Hiroshima, Japan, Dominik
  • Japan - Day 4 This is a short brief article from my first three days in Tokyo and what I did so far. Currently I am sitting in the Shingansen to Kyoto. Click on the article to find out more!
  • Tokyo Madness Today was a great day. It was very warm and sunny and I did a lot today! Visited many sights and did a lot of stuff what my couchsurfing host recommeded me to do. It was so much fun, I went to Akihabara in Tokyo where all those Arcarde games, Madecafe and electronic stores are. I might go there again tomorrow :) I met my host again in the evening for having traditional Japanese food and afterwards we went to a Karaoke cabin :-D I love it here! From Tokyo, Japan, Dominik
  • Greetings from Tokyo Hi! I arrived in Tokyo, Japan. I had an awesome flight - They upgraded me and a friend to Business Class. I had a bed to sleep on the plane, so I am not exhausted or jetlagged at all! I am currently at Shibuya in Tokyo. It is incredible! From Tokyo, Japan - Dominik
  • It is a long way... I am currently sitting at the airport of Frankfurt, Germany having a stop over. My flight to Tokyo is scheduled in two hours and I kind of have a small plan now: First three nights I will stay in Tokyo, after that, I will head to Kyoto and Hiroshima and back to Kyoto to go to Nara. So far I have a place to stay until next Thursday, let's see where to go after that :) From Frankfurt, Germany, Dominik
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