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This is a short brief article from my first three days in Tokyo and what I did so far. Currently I am sitting in the Shingansen to Kyoto. Click on the article to find out more!

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I am currently writing this article in the Shinkansen from Yokohama to Kyoto, altough I may publish it, when I arrive there. The past three days were simply great and also my couchsurfing host is easy going! Altough there is a language barrier sometimes, I manged to get around without any problems as I always found someone offering his help. Japan I expierenced something, that I never did before: It is so clean everywhere, you can't imagine, even public toiletts on the subway have a seat heating and a cleaning device.

Tokyo - Friday, my first day, I took sometime to get to know a bit how the system works here. Like mostly everything there is a system and everyone follows it: Even on pedestrian ways, people walk on the left side, even if there is no arrow on the ground which tells them to do so. I met my host Alisa at her place in Kawaski which is close to Shibuya (the place people go out for party). She lives in on the 26th floor in a very modern appartment. She introduced me to Japanese food and told me a lot about the culture. I am happy that she hosted me! I don't likle seafood at all and there IS of course delicious Japanese food beside Sushi! I can't tell what I ate in fact, but it doesn't matter actually!

On Saturday I mostly did what my host recommended to do and it was totally awesome! If you have the chance to go to Tokyo one day, go to Akihabara and one of the Maido-Cafés you'll find there. Those places are really funny! I don't know if I liked it, was shocked, confused - simply go there and you will see why! I went with my host to a traditional Japanese restaurant which was great. We headed to a Karaoke club in Shibuya, It was fun to see how people spend there time here and to sing (altough I am a pretty bad singer!)

On Sunday, I've visited a temple in Tokyo, which reminded me a bit to Beijing. After that I used a fully automatic train to go to Tokyo beach and some futurstic neighbourhood! Actually nearly everything is fully automatic here. Even in supermarkets you'll have a digitial device for displaying the price. I went to a shopping mall with an "artifical sky" and I went to the Toyota MegaWeb where they present new technologies.

I went back to the city hall of Tokyo. It is the tallest city hall on earth (at least regarding to my guide book) and I think it's true. Haven't seen one, that's taller so far. I took some pictures from Tokyo at night from the 46th floor. Awesome view. I went out again with my host to have dinner in a neighbourhood called Roppongi.

Today I activated my JR Railpass which enables me to go all over Japan with that pass for the next two weeks.

So far, I am currently Shizuoka somwhere between Yokohama and Kyoto , Japan, Dominik

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