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  • Last day in Cuba Right now I am in a small (and slow) internet cafe in Varadero. Its again a very hot and sunny day. After visiting Trinidad a couple of days ago, I went to see Santa Clara and the Che Mausoleum, it was nice. My flight tonight is scheduled for 20:40 Cuban time - I will be back in Vienna by Friday 18:00 Austrian time... and btw my phone doesn't work at all anymore! So far from Varadero, Cuba - Dominik
  • Greetings from Trinidad I"m currently in Trinidad in South of Cuba! It is very hot here (surprise). Tonight I am heading to Santa Clara tonight to see Che Guevaras mausoleum. As the plane is calling soon, I have to go back to Varadero pretty soon, which will be on Tuesday or Wednesday. So far it's beeing very interessting and like in China and Japan, most of the people don't speak English, but at least I can understand a little bit. Cuba is very very special in nearly every point of view. From Trinidad, Cuba - Dominik
  • Hola from Cuba! I am currently in Vinales in Cuba! It is VERRRRRRRRRY hot here!!! so far I have been to the amazing beach in Varandero, went to La Habana and today to Vinales. It is an interessting trip so far and I have already many stories to tell. I met many couchsurfers yesterday on the first "international" couchsurifng in La Habana! So far from an expensive internet terminal in Vinales in Cuba, Dominik
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