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  • Was bisher geschah... Wollte mich mal wieder melden. Bin bereits in Österreich seit einer Woche. Hab mich seit dem mit ein paar Freunden getroffen und verbrachte das vergangene Wochenende auf einer Alm im Pongau in Salzburg ohne Strom und Warmwasser. Jetzt bin ich gerade im ORF Radiokulturhaus und schau mir "Grüne auf Talfahrt" an. Bin gepannt wie die Grünen ihren Misserfolg der letzten Wochen und Monate "rechtfertigen". Fotos von China sind in Arbeit
  • Hong Kong and Macau My trip is almost over :-( It is great over here in Asia. Tomorrow I am planning to go to Macau. After that, there is a long way back home: Back to Hong Kong, back to Beijing, back to Paris, back to Vienna... So far, from Hong Kong, Dominik
  • Greetins from Hong Kong After a boat trip on Lu river and an amazing bike trip in Yangshuo, we finally arrived in Hong Kong. So far everthing is fine. Hong Kong seems to be cool, but I've just seen the part from the airport to my couchsurfing host. From Hong Kong, Dominik
  • Greetings from Guilin! Right now I am in Guilin, in the center-south of China. It is a really nice here. We are on a boat trip tomorrow for almost a day to Yangshou. And after that trip, we will fly to Hong Kong, almost our final destional. Why almost? Well we propably go to Macaou as well. Let's see! So far, from Guilin, China - Dominik
  • 50% China Hi folks! I am currently in Hangzhou. A city about two hours in the South of Shanghai. This place is awesome! So far, it was a cool trip. We couchsurfed two nights in Shanghai and had a cool cs host and co-guest. Shanghai is croweded as hell, but the chaos works! The day after tomorrow we are moving on to Guilin and have a boat trip to Yangshoa! So far, from Hangzhou, China - Dominik
  • Xi'an & Terra Cotta Warriors Greetings from Xi'an a small city in China (7,160,000 people)... Today we saw the Terra Cotta Warrios - They are awesome! Tomorrow we are flying to Shanghai! We will stay there for a couple of nights and hope we have time to relax at least a bit!
  • Forbidden city, Olympic Games, Chinease Wall... The past two days we visited the forbidden city in Beijing and were in the Olympic Stadion from the Olympic games 2008. In the afternoon we met some couchsurfers for dinner. Today we were at the Chinease Wall and the Ming tombs. Afterwards, we were explored some temples. Pretty busy. Tomorrow we are flying to Xi'an very early in the morning - So we will go to bed now, because it's 22.10 over here alerady!
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