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  • Sightseeing in Berlin Berlin is one of the most interesting cities in Germany. This is one of the reasons why I visited the capital city of Germany already for third time. Why I like this city so much? It's the atmosphere and the people, the history and the present. Take a closer look to my videos and pictures to get to know and understand this huge city a little bit better.
  • Chicago - Home of the Skyscraper Four red stars and two blue strips. This is what you can find on the flag of Chicago. Those represent four big events such as the big fire in 1871 in Chicago and the Lake Michigan and Chicago river. For me Chicago is my favorite American city I have seen so far. Walking around in Chicago's downtown surrounded by massive skyscrapers where they were invented was great. Chicago is a must see in the US!
  • New stories about Canada! It's been a while now, but I am happy to present the remaining stories about Canada that were missing for a long time. Read all about the Canadian Rockies, Calgary, my approach with the French Canadian in Quebec and check out several new photo galleries
  • Schloss Neuschwanstein One of the most famous castles in the world is "Schloß Neuschwanstein". It's in the very south of Germany in Bavaria, just a few kilometers away from Tyrol Austria. It's remarkable appearance inspired Walt Disney when he designed the Walt Disney castle.
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