Calgary is the capital city of Canadian province Alberta. I spent there only a couple of hours, so I had only a brief visit in this city. Even though I had the possibility to meet a local. Annie drove by with her bicycle when I asked for some directions. She showed me around in the city center and invited me for dinner.

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About the city

Me at Calgary tower

Frankly speaking I can't tell much about this city. It was a short stop over as my flight to Ottowa was departing from Calgary.

I had the chance at the beginning to meet a local as I was asking for direction. Her name was Annie. She drove on her bicycle and actually didn't have the time to help me. Somehow she returned back just a bit later and took some time :-)

In the end we spent the whole afternoon together and she invited me to dinner. Thank you again for that :-)

Here are some shots that I took from the city:

Government Building

Office tower

Join the cows


Chinese restaurant in the middle of skyscrapers

Calgary at dusk

After Calgary I took an over-night flight to Ottawa

My personal guide

Annie. She took me on a tour to explore Calgary in a few hours and invited me for dinner. 


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