Design 2011 is online

It's been a while now, but finally I have it online, the new design: After four years I am happy to present you the new design! Hope you like the new style as much as I do :-)

Table of contents

Several things have been updates. Technically there was a major upgrade a couple of months ago, but now the website has been redesigned completly. I might need to to do some minor fixes. If you found a bug or a problem, please let me know.

Brand new is the ribbon based navigation on the top. The reason for that is that major articles such as travels that happend years ago where not easy to find any more. I guess you can not mis those anymore. I removed all the dates from the blog, as they arn't interessting anyways.

You want to see how I was working on the templates? See the different designs here:

Here was the prototype of the former version:

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