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  • Sightseeing in Berlin Berlin is one of the most interesting cities in Germany. This is one of the reasons why I visited the capital city of Germany already for third time. Why I like this city so much? It's the atmosphere and the people, the history and the present. Take a closer look to my videos and pictures to get to know and understand this huge city a little bit better.
  • UXcamp Europe 2012 Retrospektive An einem nahezu perfekt organisierten BarCamp durfte ich im Mai in Berlin teilnehmen. Der Schwerpunkt: Usability und Interactiondesign. Teilnehmer aus ganz Europa hielten Vorträge bzw. nahmen an diesen Teil. Die gemeinsame Zielrichtung: Die verbesserte Handhabbarkeit von Websites und Software im Allgemeinen. Eindrücke, Bilder und Video-Mitschnitte aus der Humboldt Universität Berlin, dem Erwin Schrödinger-Zentrum.
  • Big Berlin Berlin is definetly one of my most favorite cities I've visited so far. The capital city of Germany is not only a big city, it is living history and open for future aspects likewise. I've been several times to Berlin and everytime I had a great time. Berlin is not only large and spacious, Berlin is also, and many do not know that, relatively inexpensive. It takes at least three days to do the major sights. If you planning a trip to Europe, put Berlin on your list!
  • Gruesse aus Berlin Hey! I think it's time again to write again! I am currently in Berlin, Germany, revisiting one of my former guest in Vienna. I am currently hosted by Caryn from Carlifornia. I am here only for the weekend, going back home Monday morning. I already have to go now.... Reichstag is calling me!
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