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  • Fotos der letzten vier Monate Nach langer Pause gibt's im Fotoalbum die elf neue Gallerien. Sie sind in den letzten vier Monaten entstanden und beinhalten unter anderem: Györ, Stockholm, Uppsala, Chicago, Minneapolis, London, Stuttgart und das dort befindliche Mercedes-Benz Museum und Bilder vom Couchsurfing Wintercamp in Budapest welches ich zu Neujahr besucht habe.
  • Edinburgh & Scotland In February I spontaneously booked a flight to Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. I didn't have an idea at all of the city until I was visiting it. As usual I was couchsurfing there again and it was great :-) The weather was actually better than it was in Vienna, even it was cloudy sometime, it was at least warmer :-) I also went out of the city to see the Scotish Highlands and Loch Ness
  • Greetings from Edinburgh Hi folks on Contintaleurope! :-) I am currently in Edingburgh and I am ready to explore the city. Tomorrow i propapbly go to see Glasgow, Loch Ness or the High Lands. My couchsurfing hosts are very nice, they are actually from Japan and Taiwan *gg*. So far, from Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom - Dominik
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