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  • OIDC lightweight library for This article is about my newest development of an easy-to-use lightweight implementation of OpenID Connect (OIDC) in C# to authenticate against Google. It does not require any additional libraries or frameworks other than .net Framework 4.0 or above. Google recently announced that their OpenID2.0 authentication is deprecated and will be shut down by April 20, 2015 so it is time to move on!
  • Using Google OAuth in Storing and managing user data such as username or password can be a lot of pain. You need to deal a lot with security issues such as encryption and secure protocols and you create yet another website with username and password registration. I wanted to get rid of this and allowing certain GMail accounts to my applications, where Google does the job of authentication for me. See how this works with FormsAuthentication in a C# sample
  • C# Disassembler A must to have for every software developer are so called disassemblers. They will help you out, when you've lost the source code of a DLL or you need to analyze a bug, or verify the right version of an assembly. I had to update this article in 2011 to find a new free disassembler and was lucky to find a good alternative.
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