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  • Edirne, Turkey As I hosted Özlem last year in Vienna, I planed to visit her. She is a girl from Edirne in Northern Turkey in the border triangle with Greece and Bulgaria. I went there for a day by bus and did a small sightseeing tour and met some friends of Özlem
  • Bulgaria: Sofia & Plovdiv The past weekend, my friend Iwona and I flew to Bulgaria. We were couchsurfing in Sofia and a great hostess: Gergana. She was showing us around and even cooked for us. She also recommeded us to visit the city Plovdiv the second largest city in Bulgaria, which I didn't know before. It was worth going! I kept a good impression about the country or especially about the Bulgarian people
  • Greetings from Sofia! I am currently in Sofia, Bulgaria with Iwona. Right now, ready to explore new things. The Cryrillic lettering makes it a bit more difficult to handle it, but anyway we managed it. Again it is a couchsurfing trip! Check back for updates soon and I already have tons of pictures :-)
  • CS-Meeting & Bratislava's Underground Saturday night I went to Bratislava with my friends Andy, Paul and Jürgi. At the beginning we were in Slovak Pub. I organized a CS-Meeting there and about 20 people from Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, England and of course Slovakia joined us :-) Afterwards we went for a Drum'n'Bass event to SubClub, a (very) alternative disco which is located in a former nuclear fall-out shelter - It was quite nice! I should get some picutres in a week, of course I will post them here. So long...
  • Verkehrte Welt Die bulgarischen Krankenschwestern und ein Arzt bekommen gegen Bezahlung von eine Million US-Dollar pro Kind anstelle der Todesstrafe nun lebenslange Haftstrafen. Die seit 1999 Inhaftierten sollen 438 Kinder mit dem HI-Virus infiziert haben. Nicht nur dass dieses Verfahren an und für sich sehr beängstigend ist und das Tatmotiv fragwürdig, finde ich es sehr bedenklich, dass sie sich ihr Leben "erkaufen" mussten. Wie wäre das ohne dem vielen Geld ausgegangen???
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