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  • Hot days in Budapest Together with Iwona, I went to Budapest. With almost 35° celcius it was really hot, but not only the temperature :-) Together with Niki and Darek, we had a nice time and just enoying the city and some clubs! Today I feel a bit dizzy, I guess it was too warm for me or I am getting sick :-( Anyway check out the pictures Darek took!
  • A weekend in Budapest The past weekend I went to Budapest (Hungary). As there is a cheap connection, it was very cool to revisit some friends, especially Niki. As I didn't have any plan at all, we were just hanging around in the city and I liked it :-) We were in a nice pub, a couchsurfer was giving a farewell party! The next day, we spent some time in the park on Sziget and in the evening we met some friends oft Niki
  • Üdvözlet Budapestrol! Schöne Grüße aus Budapest. Ich bin hier für das Wochenende ganz ohne Plan einfach nur um Freunde zu Treffen. Ist sehr nett :-) Außerdem habe ich die Gelegenheit genutzt mal wieder etwas auszuschlafen...
  • Budapest Reloaded Friday afternoon: Andy B and I went to Hungary. It wasn't the first time for us, but we wanted to visit my guests I hosted in Vienna a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, either Budapest changed since 2005 or I visited a different city last time, because I don't remember it being this nice! This time I wasn't going to do a big sightseeing tour like I usually do. We were in a Turkish bath, relaxing in the city, lots of talking, and partying until...
  • Budapest - Der Bericht Bei der NikOnTour war am Montag die ungarische Hauptstadt Budapest am Plan. So zog es mich mit Marlene in den Osten. Bericht & Fotolink inside
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