Maspalomas & Playa del Ingles

In the south of the island is the tourists' paradise. Beaches, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, shopping centers and so much more. This could be a nightmare depending on what you are looking for. But right there you'll also find the dunes of Maspalomas, which are worth visiting!

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Tourist resort

Bahía Felíz

Maspalomas & Playa del Ingles are melted together to one are basically a tourist 'paradise'. Considering the word 'paradise' you could easy change it also into 'nightmare', depending on what you are looking for. The Costa Canaria, where Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles are located, offer more than 150.000 beds in hotels from low to very high class or apartments you can rent per month.

There is even an amusement park and shopping center. This place is called "Holiday World", which personally would scare me a bit, because I would expect high prices, low quality or even fake products, but as it looks like, there are many people that really like those "worlds" a lot.

Beach at night

Walking along the promenade of Maspalomas close to the “Faro” (Spanish for light house) is really nice and worth it. Many restaurants are welcoming you and offering a nice atmosphere from a moderate up to a high price. 


Faro of Maspalomas

Close to the Faro, you'll find the dunes of Maspalomas which are definitely worth a visit. It's an amazing place to take awesome pictures, but watch out your camera equipment: There is a lot of wind and the sand grains, which are in fact billions of pulverized shells, can sneak into your lens and may even destroy or at least scratch it.

Want to join?

Amazing patterns

Trying to find water...

... which is behind the dunes

Dominik & Viviana at the dunes of Maspalomas

Don't wonder if you see a lot of naked people (basically old ones) as many zones are declared as nudist beaches.

If you are a gay traveler, you'll find a big community. There are even gay snack bars at the beach.

Some forgotten spots in the tourist paradise

Don't expect anything interesting here if you are looking for something cultural, otherwise you would be highly disappointed. If you love all-in travelling, it's the place to go.

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