Gran Canaria mountains & coast

If you have the possibility of exploring the inner part of the island you should do it. It is the most interesting part of the island and less touristy than the rest. We did two different tours. One through the mountains and one along the coast.

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Inside the country

Santa Lucia

Gran Canarias’s surface is about 1560 square kilometers, which is about the size of New York City or have the size of Vorarlberg in Austria. That's in fact not that much, but it has a lot to offer. I highly recommend renting a car, or if you want to do it environment friendly and if you have enough time and strength: rent a bike or hike along the island.

Almond blossoms

There is so much more to see in the inner part of this volcano island. The highway from the North to the South on the East part of Gran Canaria is a fast and comfortable way of driving. Crossing the mountains or going along the West part along the coast and the cliffs takes some time. The roads are sometimes extremly narrow so you are happy if you've rented a tiny car. See more about the road trip in my article "Road trippin' Gran Canaria".



Artenara is the highest town in Gran Canaria and not far away from Roque Nublo. The indigenous Canarians used to live in cave houses and some of them are still preserved.  You can find houses, even for rent, that were built into the rocks. Try to see one of them from inside, it's pretty interesting! 


Wondering how the inhabitants of this town are called

Following the road to Teror, no there is no >r< missing, will lead you on the road through almost a rain-forest. Teror itself is worth a stop. The main square and the pedestrian zone will offer you houses with wooden balconies. Very beautiful!

Puerto de Mogán

Beautiful scenary

Puerto de Mogán is a lovely town in the South of the island. It is built in a tiny valley surrounded by high mountains and a beautiful beach. We stayed there only for having lunch so I can't tell too much about this town, but the impression I had about it, was a good one.

Agaethe and valley

Agaethe is a town in the West of the island. Its houses are all painted white and it has its own atmosphere. Having a walk at the harbor is worth doing.

Close to the town is the Valle de Agaethe.

You'll find a green valley full of orange trees, papaya, bananas and lots more. 

To boldly go where no man has gone before

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