Ancient & Modern Rome, Italy

There was once, long time ago, a great empire: the Roman Empire. A great civilization that created a modern city that was looking for her equal. The name of the city: Rome. About 2000 years later, Vivi and I made a visit to the city, they say, all roads lead to. Read more about our trip with a tourist testimonial, pictures and a video.

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A video about Rome

Getting there

We booked a flight operated by a low-cost carrier. Therefore we landed at the Ciampino airport instead of Fiumicino and took a bus to the city center. It was not necessary to book in advance a bus, there were several companies. To get to the city center is 4€, getting back was 6€. Even though the advertisement says 4€ to go and go back. It took about an hour to Central Station "Termini".

Being a tourist: Prices, Temperature and hints

The prices in the city comply with European standards. Unfortunately, the prices of restaurants in walking distance of attractions are very high and the quality is rather poor. A tip therefore is simply to explore one of the small streets off the main attractions and to visit one of the small restaurants you can find there. The people their are very friendly and the food quality is much better. Alternatively, you can also take the metro to the city limits in order to dine there.

We visited Rome in late June. It was terribly hot. Due to the heat, we have decided to get up as early as possible and visit the attractions in the morning. During lunch time, it is better to go back back to the hotel and enjoy a real nap. Really pleasant it is again from 4 o'clock. Just be aware, however, many of the attractions close by 6 o'clock.

Finding a room was no problem for us. We had an ordinary bed and breakfast at a reasonable price near the main train station. For the search we have used one of the many comparison sites on the Internet.

Many of the attractions in the city can be reached on foot. There are also underground railways, but only two lines. The bus and tram system is more complicated, since it is not clear, what is the next stop.

Do you like ice cream? Then here is another little tip: The oldest ice cream vendor in Italy, Giovanni Fassi, can be found near the main train station. The ice cream is very good and the price is fair. 

Colosseum and Forum Romanum

Even more sights

Hidden Tresures

Mobility in Italy

Market & Life


In Italy, there are rules. In Italy, there are also exceptions, probably even more. This situation can sometimes by extremely annoying. But once you get used to this circumstance, you will experience a city that seeks its equal. It was really fun to get lost in the chaos and feeling the life of Italy. The Italians are full of zest for life and, in spite of mass tourism, not weary.

We also had the "luck" to a experience broadcast of a football game. For someone who does not like football, not the best experience. Many drunken people who revel the victory of their football team, or should I say to gloat? Well, the water bomb attack on my camera did at least not break it. Note to myself: Check beforehand whether in the destination is any "important game".

All roads lead to Rome, they say, you should find one of those roads. We had a good time. It certainly is worthwhile for you!


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