• Ökonomie 2.0 - Open Source Ecology Offene Standards und freie Software sind Errungenschaften die besonders im 21. Jahrhundert immer mehr zur Geltung kommen. Die "Teilen"-Philosophie des Web2.0 beschränkt sich aber nicht nur mehr auf das Internet. Es gibt Initiativen zu einer Open Source Ökonomie, eine davon möchte ich euch mit einem Youtube Video präsentieren. Passend dazu ein Zitat von Victor Hugo: Es gibt nichts Mächtigeres auf der Welt als eine Idee, deren Zeit gekommen ist
  • New Traffic Law: Rettungsgasse Attention all drivers on highways (Autobahn) inside Austria: A new law in Austria will go into effect by January, 1st. Form an emergency corridor as soon as traffic ceases to progress and congestion is imminent on motorways or dual carriageways and highways regardless of whether emergency vehicles are already in the vicinity or not.
  • Using Google OAuth in asp.net Storing and managing user data such as username or password can be a lot of pain. You need to deal a lot with security issues such as encryption and secure protocols and you create yet another website with username and password registration. I wanted to get rid of this and allowing certain GMail accounts to my applications, where Google does the job of authentication for me. See how this works with FormsAuthentication in a C# sample
  • URL as UI Jakob Nielsen, let's say one of the first bloggers that existed, wrote already in 1999 an article "URL as UI", telling the importance of "good" URLs. I finally modified the blog engine so that the title of each topic is also represented in the URL itself. This is going to happen for the newer articles, later also for the older ones. Unfortunately all "Facebook likes" and "Comments" are reseted, as for them it's a new address, sorry for that.
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