CouchSurfing Vienna Calling 2012

CS Vienna Calling has become a magnet for CouchSurfers from all over the world. The festival is now held for several years, it's a place to meet old friends and find new ones. It is the ideal place to learn about other cultures, while frying sausages on grill and enjoying the chilled atmosphere and sunshine. Learn more about the event and checkout some pictures and videos.

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What's CouchSurfing or CS Vienna Calling?

Wikipedia summarizes CouchSurfing as "CouchSurfing International Inc. is a corporation based in San Francisco that offers its users hospitality exchange and social networking services. With more than 4 million profiles in 246 countries and territories, CouchSurfing has an Alexa Traffic Rank of about 1,700."

Once you've joined CouchSurfing, you will find out, that it is a lot more than that!

CS Vienna Calling is a gathering of travellers and locals, a party, B.B.Q.-event, a place for workshops and intercultural exchange. It's usually at the beginning of June and lasts five days. The event does not have any direct connection to the CouchSurfing organization itself. It's organized by various volunteers from the Vienna Group. Therefore there is actually no official person in charge of this festival. 

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The base

The base is the centerpiece of CS Vienna Calling. This is were people meet & greet to have a good time. It's a B.B.Q. on the Danube Island (Donauinsel) were people can grill their sausages and tell stories, relax and sing.

Several sponsers like Ströck or RedBull donated free food and drinks for this happening.

The weather was pretty good on Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately it got worse by Friday night, so the base couldn't take place on Saturday and was moved to Flying Pigs in the city center.


The organizers did once again a good job in organizing several parties. The welcome party was held in "replugged" in the 7th district, were many CouchSurfers already had a good time.

The main party on Saturday had a lot to offer: A dance stage with CouchSurfing Vienna Calling visuals, good vibes and music, tons of Couchsurfers and amazing atmosphere.  It took place in the 23rd district of Vienna in a club called KVS. For sure for the most among us, the first time there, but I guess not the last time!

Welcome Party

Welcome party at replugged
Welcome party at replugged

Live music for CouchSurfers by CouchSurfers
Live music for CouchSurfers by CouchSurfers

Main Party


Several CouchSurfers organized fun workshops such as boxing, soccer, painting bags, photography, an underground tour through Vienna and lots more.

Vienna Underground

Brunch on Sunday

Free Hugs

Here you can download the full-size group picturesof the free hugs event:


It was a great event and well organized! It was great to meet many old friends from all over the world and get to know new ones. I've enjoyed the chilled atmosphere at the base at Donauinsel, played many games and just had a chat with several people. Eventhough the main party was a bit out of town, I am glad that I did the trip, otherwise I would have missed out a lot of fun.

I am looking forward for CouchSuring Vienna Calling 2013. Propably next year more people are using Twitter already, so I would recommend the tweet-hashtag #csvc13 :-)

More Pictures

Check out the full gallery in my photoblog:

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